Welcome to Eldersburg Maryland, a driving and roleplay experience where you can drive around in over 70 different vehicles, roleplay in houses and buildings, work at different jobs, and hang out with friends!

⚠️NOTE: This experience is currently in Beta, you may run into undiscovered bugs or issues! ⚠️

Update v0.1.4 changelog:
+ Added 20 new cars! 
+ Entirely revamped the in-game user interface! 
+ Vehicles under a gamepass now earn more than regular vehicles! 
+ New map expansion!
+ Added new graphics to Eldersburg! 
+ Added a new vehicle light system to all vehicles! 
+ Added night time! 
+ The Police, Paramedic and Fire Department jobs now have new accessories fitting to their job! 
+ Added new walking and running animations! 
- Tons of bug fixes 

Official Development started in December 2020.

⚠️Any form of exploiting will lead into concequences! ⚠️

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