Shutdown = Update

Please don't have high expectations of me, just going though a lot. Updates will be slow until i gain my motivation back. Sorry.

You need to use shift lock to use melee moves!!

To use emotes, use /e emoteName.
Emotes Currently: Sit, Flex, Bow, L, Clap, Tsk, Think

You can change your controls in settings.
Current Controls:
(M1/LMB) - Light Melee
(M2/RMB) - Special Melee
(F) - Block
(Q) - Dash
(Z, X, C, V, G) - Ability Moves

(Shift) - Sprint
(Alt) - Shiftlock

[On Grounded Players]
(R) - Pick Up/Put Down
(B) - Execute

[In Water]
(Space) - Go Up
(Ctrl) - Go Down

Private Servers

Visit this experience with friends and other people you invite.
See all your private servers in the Servers tab.


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