🎉Appaloosa Remake Update🎉
• Revamped model, coat textures, and animations for the Appaloosa!
• Appaloosas obtained before the update will keep their old appearance
• All horses now have a favourite food! It's unknown until you feed it to them once.
• Daily login rewards have been added (Horseshoes!!) & much more!

Capture wild horses while exploring the massive open world of Wild Horse Islands! 🐎

❤️ Bond with your horse and train it to be the best on Wild Horse Islands.
🤝 Trade anything you'd like with your friends and compete with them in equestrian events.
⛏️ Collect materials to craft new tack for your horse and lassos to capture better horses.
❓ Complete quests to level up faster and unlock special items

All horses can be found in the wild or purchased for Tokens. No horses are robux only!
Wild Horse Islands is created by @Fm_Trick & @Kavelleri - Released December 23rd, 2021


There are currently no running experiences.