Featuring 🎵 from:
🎧 Atsuover (+VS Garcello)
🎧 FNF / Friday Night Funkin'
🎧 Tobu
🎧 Just Dance
🎧 Camellia
🎧 Monstercat
🎧 F-777
🎧 James Landino
And more!

Welcome to RoBeats!
🎵 Compete in (up to) 4 player music + rhythm + dance battles!
🎵 Hundreds of songs. We've got your new favorites!
🎵 New content every day!

⚠️TIP⚠️ Default controls are "ASDF", and you can rebind your keys in the Misc -> Settings menu.
If you prefer 2D notes (either down or up-scrolling like FNF), you can also set it there.

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