Play with Friends!  🐶 Raise Pets 🏠Homes & Home Decorating 🛠 Build for FREE  👯‍♀️Neighborhoods 🚗 Drive Vehicles 🤸🏻‍♀️ Obby & more!

Jan 13th
🐝 NEW Bee Pet (11 Versions)
🐾 Carry your Pets!
🏠 6 Customizable decor signs

*Holiday mini games end

Dec 30th
🐴 11 Pet Ponies

🔓Unlock special rewards together as a Community! As Milestones are unlocked new milestones for the community to unlock will be added.

10,000 Likes ➡️ x2 XP Weekend (Needs XP)

RoPets is currently in soft launch with lots more to come!  We are excited to see our game grow with the Roblox Community.

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