Q to use stamina
E to regular dive.
Backspace to OP dive.
Blocking: Walk into a player of the other team to block them. They will be blocked the direction you are facing.
Hiking: To hike the ball say hike in the chat.
Throwing: To throw the ball, hold down left click to charge it. The more charged it is the farther it goes. Release left click to let the ball go. It will go wherever your mouse was aiming.

Does your FPS struggle? You can remove all textures by saying...
"smooth field"

You can also set brightness and time...
"brightset .5"
"timeset 12"

Current update:
Added timeouts. "t/o", and "timeout"
Timein: "timein" and "t/i".
Team captain AND QB can call timeouts.

Fixed neutral team glitch.

Added controls in-game.
Added two minute warnings.

Fixed overtime.

Previous updates:
All team stadiums added.
Team selection added.
Team captains added.
Player selection added.
Weather added (not yet enabled).


There are currently no running experiences.