After the fall of the Untitled Door Game 1 Facility, Area 55, you have woke up to see an abandoned town named Nesta Town. It is time for another journey.

Warning: The game consists of problem solving gameplay that gets incredibly harder the more you progress. Most of the problems are conceptual and sometimes require research of objects in real life. There are also obstacle courses that are mandatory to complete.
This game is still Work In Progress.
Rooms: [112/250]

tintom495: Owner
RoBreadd: Scripter
GreatPanda3: Scripter
SilvioIsSafe82: Builder and Arts
Zestrx: Builder
Jentay25: Builder
HexagonP: Builder and Scripter
ZykeTom, kqewI, UltraJACKIO325: Trial Developers
TheBirbsWord: Retired Builder

lemmiesan, YummiStars, Aymbord: Arts and Icon
Dedicated to the community who have contributed massively.

QA Testers
Quitt_ed // pwoofys // YumiiStars

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