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Welcome to Titan Clash Online [Alpha]. This game is inspired by Attack on Titan/AOT

-Enhance your items to deal way more damage
-Titans levels increase further from the inner wall
-Higher level titans give more money and xp
-Deal 30% of the titan's health in one hit to amputate
-Deal 20% of the titan's health in one hit to stun

// Computer Controls 🖥️
> Unlock Mouse: X
> Grapple: Right mouse click
> ODM Reel: W
> ODM Sidespin: A/D
> ODM Backspin: S
> Wiggle: A, D
> Sprint: Shift

// Mobile Controls 📱
> Grapple: Tap screen
> ODM Controls: Joystick
> Wiggle: Tap screen
> Sprint: On-screen button

// Future Plans 🔮
> Add bosses
> Add missions
> Add more swords
> Add more armours
> Trading

All music used in this game is created by Wingless Seraph


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