Located on the planet Venus in the Solar system. Originally planned to be a botanical testing sector, but the fancy design has turned it into a tourist attraction instead. Mainly powered by oxygen fusion, as it is obtained and extracted from the dense CO2 rich atmosphere. Carbon is used as a cheap building material structually converted into different forms to expand the facility if neccesary. Secondary power source comes from the planet surface heat, which only forms a minority of the power production. Water in the other hand is obtained from the sulfuric acid clouds by extraction. The remaining sulfur mainly goes to sulfur lamp production. Not recommended for outdated computers. Since trees make up about 2/3 of the parts in this game. They have to be manually added or removed by pressing the buttons in the hexagonal blue wall sub-tropical sector. Be aware, as you might crash your computer with 178k parts with trees while only about 49k without them. In this game I pushed my detailing


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