Walls Update! 🧱 (NEW)
✨ADDED 5 new custom walls to unlock!
✨ADDED 2 walls unlockable with the newish TIX Currency!🎫
✨ ADDED Turret, and landmines; that come with the most expensive wall!
✨ FIXED Grow potions!

Arcades & Tickets Update! 🎯
ADDED New heaven area at the end of the golden cart ride!
ADDED 3 playable arcade machines with cash💰rewards!
ADDED Completely new Tix 🎫 currency + Prize booth!

Rainbow Train Update! 🌈
🌈ADDED Rainbow train found in two tycoons ONLY, allows riding with 6 people across the entire map!

Winter Update! 🍵🧦
ADDED New mini-cart adventure in the obby cave!
ADDED Super fast path givers!
ADDED 2 new secret badges!
ADDED lots more snowy secrets!


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