📢New code at 1.16M likes!

Check the in-game code table for the latest codes.

- 2X EXP/GOLD/RAID TOKENS - Lasts until July 4
Every Limited Raid and all their rewards are available again - Lasts until the next update (at least 3 weeks)

⚔️ Battlepass
- Complete Daily and Weekly quests to get experience for your battlepass!

🌟 Character Awakenings:
Use Awakening Gems from the new Battlepass to unlock the Awakening Skill on certain characters!
Characters with awakenings so far: Gear 5 Fluffy, Saber, Priestess

New Limited Characters: Mochi Boy (Summer), Shadow Nojo
New Limited Costumes: Shadow Gear 5 Fluffy, Summer Yakaza, Summer Mochi, Summer Konno, Summer Saber

New Cards from Shops and Dimensions now come with substats unlocked
One Year Lobby
Time spent in AFK Place counts towards Time Played stats
Mobile players take 20% less damage
Gear 5 Raid and drops made permanent

🎮Creator: @coolbullsAS
🔨Builder: @ d5no_


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