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Limited Summer Costumes / Characters will be removed on August 29

Summer Playtime Event
- Get Ice Cream from staying online every day
- Use Ice Cream in the Gacha for limited summer costumes and characters

⚔️ LIMITED TIME Red Emperor Raid (Level 15+)

Red Emperor Pet Capsule

New Limited Characters: Red Emperor, Toro (Summer)
New Limited Costumes: Red Emperor, Songstress, Red Emperor (Summer), Toro (Summer), King of Curses (Summer)

Raid Bonus Damage: Using certain characters in limited time raids gives you a damage bonus!

Assist Skills for Awakened Characters now give bonus stat boosts
New Raid Title
Added Shadow Esper in Speed Raid Shop
Disable Skill Camera Movements Setting
More Collection Stats

🎮Creator: @coolbullsAS
🔨Builder: @ d5no_


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