Welcome to BloxVenture!

Latest Update: Huge Update, New Dimension, and mobs!

This game was originally made a year ago in 2020! (switched accounts lol)

rules: be civil lol

Please note that this game has 0 affiliations with Minecraft or Microsoft/Mojang and takes no assets from it (no copyright) If you have any concerns or questions, please contact me on Disgardo :)

This is a Voxel-based Survival game! Where you alone or with friends can explore the vast adventure BloxVenture has waiting for you!

If you would like to enjoy BloxVenture better, get a free VIP server! Griefers and unfair players may be on public servers

Upcoming Updates:
PVP Duels!
Main Menu, with creative mode

Textures by: superalgae, Paper Cut-Out - Minecraft 1.11 (these textures are free to use if credited) 

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