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📒┃Welcome to FPS: Troca de Tiro, a game for you to fight between Miltars and Criminals. You can also have fun with friends, PR, etc...

⚙️╎Recent Updates:

-┃PRF vehicles!
-┃New car!
-┃Weapon customization!
-┃New construction!
-┃New Samu!
-┃Base of the bope!


- ┃No Spawn Kill allowed.
- ┃Not allowed to kill teammates.

「👑」 Creators: Joaozinho and IAmNotlmpostor
「📜」 Scripter: HELDERGAMES/ yLordGhost
「💼」 GFX Maker: tiredofcomparison
「🤝」 Collaborators: GabrielGames1001
「📺」 Youtubers who have been here: TiagoBeloto (Beloto)


There are currently no running experiences.