👍40K Likes for new MULTIPLIER code!!
📇CODES: "wow..30k"

🔻How to play: Walk around the different maps collecting all kinds of different shoes to get laces. Laces are sold at spawn for cash. You can then use the cash to buy bigger ranges to collect more shoes, better lace textures to pickup more laces, cooler shoes for more cash and to walk faster, trails to sell more laces at a time, new areas, etc. Create your very own shoes and level them up, use codes, trade shoes with friends, rebirth, and much more!

👍 If you enjoyed your time in the game, feel free to leave a like to show your support! 😇

🛎️Update info:
💂 We've updated our game to be London themed to celebrate the Brits event Dubit created.
🏙️ NEW Rebirth Area (London themed)
👞New BEST Shoe
🎁New Code: "brits22" for 5X CASH for 5m!
🌕Code: "100kppl" (Group members only)



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