Update log:
(v1.3.2) - 28/08/2015
- Removed VIP servers
- Changed game genre

(v1.3.1) - 30/03/2015
- Major lag fixes, improved handling on snowmobiles.
- A few changes to the hill.
- Added global shadows & new skybox.
- Reduced the maximum amount of players in servers.



- Avoid going too fast, best way to reach ground level.
- Don't try to walk all the way down, ragdoll scripts are hidden.
- If you're lagging, set your graphics settings to a smaller level.
- If you hit rocks/trees without dying. you'll eventually end up by falling off the track.
- Make turns and watch your speed!


THE ONLY FREE MODELED PARTS ARE THE WINNERS AND THE SNOWMOBILES, THAT'S IT! The rest such as: trees, the entire hill, campfire, tent, rocks and ice cubes are built by me.


There are currently no running experiences.