Welcome to Grand Reopening Of Freddy's Fazbears Mega Pizza Plex Based Upon the upincoming Five Nights At Freddy's Title Security Breach made by Steel Wool. This is an update Version to our previous game. 

Please be aware this game is still in development as the main game "Security Breach" Isn't fully out yet. Like how Steel Wool are making the real Game this roblox version was Developed By Fazbear Studio 

Credits To the Staff Of Fazbear Studio Who Made This Game Popular Along with a special guess?
Lewisb20, Melaninemartniezfan,Plasma,DrXhenoss Springlesz09Zsz.

Fazbear Studio offers absolutely no guarantees regarding Lower Devices Users. Play at your own risk as this game is attended for PC players if you experince lag and your not on PC we suggets not bring it up in the group wall as its not built for those type of ports
This Game Is Being Spit into 3 parts.
Part 2 Part 3 in early development

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