Classic by Uberubert (2007)

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*SAVING* will not be added, that wasn't possible when the game was originally made, so that would break the "classic" style of the game.

+ ADDED classic hat dropping mechanic. Press '=' to drop your hats!

+ NEW In-game menu where you can select what team you join in to. Want to be a repairman? Go for it!
+ FIXED Repairman Houses!
+ FIXED the bouncy flour on the conveyor! (It's not perfect, but it doesn't do it infinitely)

  ◼ These are suggestions that were made through the in-game feedback section. I may or may not add these. If enough people bring it up, I will add them!
🦺 If there is no repairmen, allow the owner of the tycoon repair?

💬 Please check this list before reporting a bug!

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