Welcome to Planet Vibes!  Over here, we have non-stop, good music playing all the time.  There are many music-related games on this planet and earn wins to top the leaderboards!  The number 1 rule in this game is to have fun, and vibe on!

People who dislike this game don't like music ;)

Help ↓

🛈 Too bright, turn down the graphics quality of the game, it will still run fine!

🛈 If the UI in the game is not loading, simply reset your character!

🛈 Auto-Equip gamepasses for black and white items are located here:

🛈 IMPORTANT NOTE:  For the Auto-Equip gamepasses, the item will ONLY be auto-equipped IF you have the CERTAIN AMOUNT of wins to be eligible to equip it.

Credits and Other Stuff ↓

Developed by

Roblox Group:!/about

YouTube Channel:  


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