This is a more big open map than Anakin's but his holds up the current lore. If you're looking for a nice quiet exploration RP, do it here. 
Uhm, be mature, use common sense, no out of character foul language or racism. (Really guys, sheesh) Try to give everyone a chance to RP, if you don't want to RP with them simply tell them that kindly, and ask to be left alone.
 Mods are here to RP just like you, you see one, don't flood them with questions and wants. (That means you, guy who asks for morphs every time I join the game.)

Try to have fun, don't spoil things for others.

You can find the current -22 here on rednecksniper2's account:

Note: Send me a PM of bugs, glitches, and complaints in the game.

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