If you are having issues with lag(or parts moving is slow motion), try a private server! You can also travel to a private City map!

Sandbox mode is now a one-time purchase! Get infinite items, admin abilities, and more while playing in private servers!
⚠️(If you have ever purchased a private server, you already have access!)

NEW GAMEPASS: Summon a personal jeep with the Car Spawner!
NEW FEATURE: Layered clothing finally works properly!
Also, lots of bug fixes!

Bulked Up is a sandbox game about destroying everything in your path with a massive body and an arsenal of powerful abilities!

Join the group to claim a reward in the shop every day!

Premium players can claim an additional reward in the shop every 6 hours.

In-game music by V4LKIN. All sounds can be used in videos!

This game is still in development. I'm working on tons of new features, so stay tuned—and remember to leave a like!


There are currently no running experiences.