Collect ornaments to earn huge rewards! Event ends February 10th!
NEW EQUIP: Collect 800 ornaments to earn the overpowered new Snow Cannon equip!
NEW ITEM: Freeze everything in a huge radius with the new Ice Grenade! 
The Candy Cane is back and obtainable in the shop until the event ends!
Snowballs are back! Stand in a patch of deep snow to make them!
⚠️Players who already own the Candy Cane equip will get an extra 100,000 gems from the Mega Holiday Pack.

Bulked Up is a sandbox game about destroying everything in your path with a massive body and an arsenal of powerful abilities!

Join the group to claim a reward in the shop every day!

Premium players can claim an additional reward in the shop every 6 hours.

In-game music by ValkinLikesChez. All sounds can be used in videos!


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