Here you can advertise and sell your Roblox clothing to earn Robux from sales! You earn 60% of your clothing's price in pending Rbx. You can sell anyone's clothing but only earn from clothing that's made by you.

Check pending Rbx here:

Once someone buys your clothing, you get a cyan notification in chat.

If you didn't know:
   ⚠️ Uploading shirt or pants < 10 Robux
   ⚠️ Putting t-shirt in sale   < 10 Robux

🔴The more people, the more sales, so please invite your friends!
⚠️Please be patient with getting sales.
⚠️Do not trust anyone who claims to give you something if you buy their clothing!
⚠️Don't scam anyone! Be nice and help other people :)
⚠️If someone checks your clothing it doesn't mean they bought it!
⚠️You only earn when someone buys a clothing that is made by you!

💬 Make sure to join the community server below description!

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