🔥 Welcome to AIMBLOX! 🔥

💎New updates every Friday!
⚔️Improve and fight other players using over 80+ weapons!
⭐Earn in-game cash to unlock Unique Skins and Weapons! 

● Mobile hitbox tweaks
● Snowmen Hitbox changes
● Weapon Balancing: Twin Demons, Ion Pistol, Duck Gun
● Bug fixes, Shop prices, and performance increases!

We're back from the Holiday break! More Updates coming soon!

Added other small fixes 
⭐ TRY CODE: 1 m i l l f a v e s 
⚙️ Enter Codes in Settings Menu!

- Fight other players
- Improve aim and accuracy
- Battle drones and save AimCity from Team Havoc!

🔨 Made by the creators of Aim Lab on Steam & Wild Revolvers! Currently in early BETA (43.953% ready)!

Relevant keywords: FPS, Shooter, Guns, PVP, Training, Dungeons, Aim, Guns, Aim Lab,   


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