🔃Data has been rolled back to November 19th due to a duplication bug. We've improved our back-end data security to ensure this doesn't happen again! We're so sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused. We've rewarded anyone who was reverted with a "Christmas CC Sword!"

❄️ Winter Map!
🔨 NEW Unobtainable Case - Anyone with the "Unobtainable Case" pass can open this case for FREE as many times as they'd like!
🍀 Jackpot fixes!
🖱️ MEGA Case no longer shrinks as you click it!
📱 Mobile UI improvements
🎄NEW Christmas item in the MEGA Case!

🌟 Open cases!
🎩 Collect items or sell them!
✨ Upgrade your stats!
✅ Trade items!
😎 Dress up your avatar!

💎 Join the Skilled Studio group for daily chest rewards!

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