August 9th Update:
🔴	NEW Godly Item Tier - Currently ONLY found in the Ultimate Case or Supply Drops! Can you get the brand new Ghoststopper Godly?!
⬜	NEW Ultimate Case (💎1,200) - The highest chance of obtaining Ultimate items EVER & one of the ONLY ways to obtain the BRAND NEW Godly tier items!
🧢	NEW Ultimate - Holographic Hat Stack
💎	Combine All price reduced from 💎200 ➑ 💎50
💰	Increased max add in every Jackpot server
🤑	Number Formatting - Enter numbers such as 10T, 25B, etc. into textboxes and they'll be transformed into the number you're looking for!
🔧	Bug fixes & improvements

How to play:
🤑	Case Clicker is a game about getting rich!
📦	Unbox cases to get hats, gear, faces, and more to deck out your avatar!
💰	Sell items you don't need to open even better cases!
📨	Trade with other players to collect the rarest of items & fill your collection list!

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