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Enter code "NIGHTCLUB" for EXCLUSIVE DJ Shades!

▪	NIGHT CLUB! - Jam to Music, Hangout with Friends, and get Exclusive Emotes!
▪	Equip Emotes in the Avatar Editor & get more at the Night Club!
▪	Get the Sparkle Time Santa Hat for a limited-time only!
▪	+ MORE!

❓	𝗛ow to Play
📦	Open cases and collect items. Rebirth to open more cases at once!
🧢	Use the avatar editor to try on thousands of items and customize your avatar!
💰	Sell your items to other players for CASE-BUX with the Marketplace!
💪	Use upgrades to become the ultimate clicker!
🤝	Trade with other players to collect rare items!
🎮	 Play fun minigames like coin flip, crash, jackpot, and more to win CASE-BUX or items!
🎯	Complete missions to level up and earn Gems!

⚠️ Avatar items obtained in this game can only be worn in-game & won't transfer to your Roblox profile!

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