🍄 Vibe Mushrooms 🍄 


- Click To Sync!
- Updated Club!
- New Bear Tool!
- +21 New Dances
-  VIP! Glow Stick
- New Vibe Lighting
- Refresh Command “ /re or /refresh ”


**We don't tolerate any violations of the ROBLOX TOS, Depending on the violation of any rules mentioned in the TOS, we'll take action immediately.**

👋 About Vibe Mushrooms 🍄

Vibe Mushrooms is a game based on dancing having fun with friends and communicating. We offer a range of different things to do to have fun with friends: Dance , Explore Different Worlds , Chat With Friends  , Meet New People!

- /sync (user) or click to sync.
-  /leavesync
-  /re or /refresh To refresh your avatar while keeping the same position and camera angle.

Shutdown = Bug Fixes Or Update!


There are currently no running experiences.