Welcome to Vaporwave Town. A relaxation game on Roblox.
Vaporwave is electronic music which has an 80s aesthetic. This game is also great for photo-shoots. 

We have tons of various genres in our Vaporwave playlist. Enjoy.

⭐ Make sure you favorite and 👍 Thumbs up for more updates! Enjoy! 

Update / Patch Notes [7/6/2018]
I haven't updated this game in many months but this one is a long awaited update that most people have been waiting for.
-You can NOW put your custom music ID. (Only you can hear it.)
-50 people can now join in a single server. 
-Fixed 'Hide Static' to toggle.
-Fixed minor glitches.
-Switched to R15, Shift to run, and custom Mocap animations
I have no further plans for this game, but I will keep it open forever.

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