A powerful being known as the Identity Thief exists in your midst, able to steal others' bodies and use a variety of ridiculous powers. Equip perks and assume one of nine unique roles to identify and eliminate the Thief! TRUST NO ONE 💀
This game is in alpha, and, as such, glitches and bugs are likely to occur. If you encounter a bug, please let us know through the communications server listed below! 
[5/31/23] NEW ROLE: Hitman 🎯
[6/14/22] NEW ROLE: Professor 🎓
[6/7/22] NEW CIVILIAN PERK: Akimbo 🔫
[5/31/22] NEW MAP: Buried Town 🌆
[5/30/22] Zapper Skins now available! 🔫
[5/25/22] Role Scrolls now available! 📜
[5/25/22] NEW THIEF PERK: Zombify 🧟
[5/14/22] NEW ROLE: Jester 🤡
[1/4/22] MORE Door Events! 🚪
Join Room422 to receive a bonus perk, 'Revitalize' ✨, in every game.
Game concept by Pikalyze


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