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Welcome to the Street Games! Think you’ve got what it takes to hit the pavement and be a top Roblox athlete in 2021? Then this is your chance to prove it. Level up with milk to jump, flip, and kick your way to victory as you compete in four adrenaline-pumping events:
Skateboarding – Master the halfpipe and get the biggest combo possible!
Climbing - It’s tough at the top, but can you get there before anyone else? 
BMX - Are you skilled enough to leap and skid your way to the end of the course?
Karate - How many opponents can you best before you run out of energy?
 🛹 Four adrenaline-fueled events!
 🥛 Collect milk to power up your play!
🎮 Leaderboards to track the biggest winners!
👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Play single events or take part in a tournament with up to eight friends!


There are currently no running experiences.