⚠️ DISCLAIMER: This experience is UNOFFICIAL. It will not award you any virtual items nor is it a part of any official event. Data is also only loaded for players who join the game or are added manually. ⚠️

Welcome to Event Hangout, the (original) best and most accurate game on Roblox for Events!

📣 See Event information, secrets and fun facts!
💡 Custom event data, tailored specifically for YOU!
⭐ Accurate, up-to-date LEADERBOARDS for event items!
💪 Flex your items and ranks with other players!
📦 See all the chaser toy items you own!
📷 Relive your favorite events with the Memory Hall!
🌴 Find secrets and vibe with friends! Meet new friends too!

🔨 Developed by:
💻 green271 - Project lead, Programming, UI/UX, Assistant building
🧱 lucaduke - Building, Environmental artist, 3D artist
🎨 Pa_ze - Logo

⭐Special thanks:
⛰️ExedusDev - Some nature assets.
📜 Rawblocky - Metaverse Champions badge module.
🧊 Alpkurt2 - Massive help with Meta Star owners.

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