Badges are now being uploaded! None of them are unlockable yet, but they will be when the next update comes out. Stay tuned!

Hop in and replay a 2010 classic with this improved remake! This fan-made "refreshed" version brings the game closer to modern Roblox standards with new mechanics while still trying to keep a similar feel to the original. This game is still being updated, so be on the lookout for changes, additions, and improvements!

Notable changes include:
New fruits, better looking tycoon!
All progress is saved!
New mechanics! Finish the game and prestige to rebuild your tycoon and unlock new boosts, and gain frenzy time from the obby or spending time off the game to get a temporary boost to income!
New VIP pass with new benefits! (The VIP t-shirt from the original game also works here!)

Game icon/Thumbnail image credit: Unsplash (Photographer's name filtered :/)


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