Fall is here, have some fall fun in the fall map! More mini events on the way, and some atmosphere changes!

Relive a 2010 classic with this expanded remake! This fan-made "refreshed" version brings the game closer to modern Roblox standards with new mechanics and polished visuals, while still trying to keep a similar feel to the original gameplay.

This game is still in development. Your progress, unlocks, and stats will never be erased by updates, but adjustments may be made.

Your feedback means the world to us! Big or small, send it our way in the group wall or our community server.

This game is maintained and monetized with the full permission of the original creator of Fruit Juice Tycoon, tycoonworldmaker. If you own the VIP t-shirt from the original game, it will work here.

Sliced orange thumbnail image comes from Unsplash.
Game Icon by @KatziiReal


There are currently no running experiences.