____💡 What's New? 💡____
🏠 A "cake" house with a luxurious kitchen where you can cook!
🍣 Yes, you can find a lot of recipes in the kitchen...
🗺️ Map! Never get lost again!
🚗 You can lock your vehicles now. They also take much less time to spawn!
🔨 Additional performance, sound, and interaction optimizations.
📝 More details in the patch notes:

_____🎈 Welcome! 🎈_____
βœ”οΈ Roleplaying! Choose your own roles, outfits, and careers!
🏡 Own different houses and cars! Boating and flying!
🐱 Play with unique pets! Aren't they cute??
🧐 Find secrets in the place!

_____🔥 Lovetopia 🔥_____
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👍 220k likes to unlock Stroller MKII (unlocked!)
👍 240k likes to unlock new outfit: William Fries! (unlocked!)

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