New  Corvette C6 Z06, BMW E36, E30, X5, New Performance upgrades - THIS GAME DOES NOT USE A-CHASSIS

FOR DRAG RACING: Use Performance & Air Induction upgrades in order to increase the speed of your car.

FOR DRIFTING: Make your gear ratios shaped like a curve (5 should be gear 1)

Eight Driver Car Racing features extensive car customization ranging from visual to tuning. You can change things such as your rims, body kits, steering wheels and more. 

TO GET MONEY: Race, Drift, Drive around or Drag race others on the drag map. JOIN THE GROUP (EIGHT STU) FOR $800 EVERY 5 MINUTES. PREMIUM USERS GET MONEY EVERY 3 MINUTES.

PC, XBOX & Mobile compatible 

Shift + P for Free cam (Best used for taking photos/recording videos)

In settings you can change a range of things such as key binds, turning off police chases, crashing and more.


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