We are currently working on a massive update to the game!

An undertale fighting game!
Kill others to gain EXP, SOULS, and DT!
A shop to buy items and other goodies!
Roleplay with your friends!
Fight powerful foes!

Current characters: Sans, Papyrus, Muffet, Chara, Frisk, Kid Asriel, Undyne, Undying, Napstablook, Storyshift Chara, Red, Clover, Underswap Sans, Neutral Frisk, Toriel, Betty / Bete Noire, Epic Sans, FDY Dust, XChara, Kris, GT Frisk, Fatal!Error Sans, SegaSonic Distrust 2 Papyrus, Epic Chara, Delta Sans, Horror Sans, Epic Gaster Frisk, StoryShift Asriel, Glitchtale Papyrus, Ink Sans, Grillby, Asgore, SS Chara Core Encounter, Underfell Papyrus, Outertale Grillby, Dream Sans, Undertale Mob GSans, Mirror!Frisk, Hopeless Asriel, Underfell Sans, BLADEKNIGHT, GT Chara, GT Undyne, Persevere, METTATON

Use codes: SmallBoost, EchidenpaiBrokeTheGame2, FREEGOLD, 1MILVISITS


There are currently no running experiences.