This game is a continuation of the project Even More Friday Night Funkin' by Fabuss254, who passed down the project for another team to develop. Please check out his work if you enjoy the game as he was the one one who started this project.

How does accuracy work?
It works by averaging all the best recorded accuracies on 50 different songs you've played. If you play in Easy/Normal, the difficulty will also lower your accuracy.

Community credits: Ugh & Ballistic GarageBand Remixes by IamDaDogeOfDaFuture, Calamity Madness & Improbable Outset remix by Ghastlysh.
Thumbnail credits: GremlinCheyenne, TinoTacoGirl174 (@Editor,) SlowCoolDonna

Dev team:Developaphobe/Mediki (Modeler), Trollgalia (Manager & Animator,) Fabuss254 (Developer & Owner)

Retired devs: Develophobia (Coder)

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