🌲 Beautiful Octus State is in the beautiful Los Angeles with it's great Civilians, Police, Fire (CMS), EMS (CMS), staff and more!

📌 bugs and updates: If you would like us to fix a bug or have a idea on a update? Message the Founder - Developer, or one of the developers.

🔨 Game is still in early Alpha 🔨

⚠ BE SAFE! ⚠

Help command:
If your needing help from a staff member write !help in chat and our friendly staff will teleport to you.

📌 Thanks everyone that participated in making the game.

Z = Left Blinker
C - Right Blinker
J = Emergency Lights
L = Headlights
T = Siren
R = Siren
G = Siren
W = Forward
S = Backwards
A = Left
D = Right

🔥 Credits 🔥:
Tysyaka - Builder, Molder, UI, Scripting (minor)
Donutroboto - Builder (minor), Modeler (minor)
brandon_dandellion - Scripting (major), Builder
Unavailabl_3 - Logo and thumbnails
JonathanBows - Building (Minor)
LeaveIt25 - Vehicle Making
And some of the people that made the thumbnails


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