Update Log :
- Added Impel Down Wave Mode
- Added all sword accessory when unequip the sword
 - Added New Pass (Gems Reward)
     [+] Passive : Obtain 1 Gems each time you level up
     And obtain 2 Gems each time you reach max EXP at Level Cap.
- Added New Codes
   [+] UPDATE13OMG For 50  Gems
   [+] SORRYFORLATE For x2 Quest Reward (If you leave the game the x2 will be gone and do not overlapping with Passes)
- Fixes Skills Mobile Support Bug
- Fixes Sea beast First Sea Drop Rates
- Remodel Graveyard Island
- Remodel Windmill Island (Starter Island)
- Move Vampire farm place to New Island
- Inventory Gui New Scale
- New Health Bar System

Level Cap : 1550
Bounty Cap : 500K

Q : Dash
Ctrl : Run
Click at the spawned fruit to pick it up

Current Fruits in game  : Bomb , Propeller ,Invisible , Sand , Love , Dark , Quake , Fire , Light , Smoke , Ice , Rumble , Paw  , Gas , Barrier , Dark&Quake

Version : 13

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