NOTE: RIOT is still under heavy development, so drastic changes might be applied every once in a while. Expect a few bugs!

RIOT is full of action packed gameplay, offering a variety of weapons and map that's ready to be roamed.
It's a simulation of being alive in a city and fighting to stay alive in a city.

With its frequent updates and its high-quality content, your stay won't be short lived as RIOT will always have something new and improving coming to the game!
The weapon sound effects, referenced weapons and the secrets around the map are worthwhile finding and may even humor you.

It doesn't matter if it's a 1v1, Gang War or an all out FFA, either way it's still a RIOT.

Q = Revive
R = Dash (T = Charge Dash)
F = Block
C = Crouch
G = Carry
X = Finisher (Player needs to be down)
L = Debug Mode
Left Ctrl = Shiftlock

Inspired by the Madness Combat series.

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