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PghlFilms - Icon Text

Version S-1
[+] Added a Spotted Effect for Patrol Bots (riley)
[+] Added Star Hit Sound to Riley's Jumpscare
[+] Added a Sound when the Bot Spawns
[+] Added Music for Carnival and Safeplace start
[~] Disabled the Crossover (You can still go down there but you cant open the cabinet and collect the backpack)
[~] Updated Crouch
[~] Redesigned the following characters: Willow, Pony, TSP Pony
[~] Changed the following sounds on Riley: Theme, Spotted Sound
[~] Bug Fixes: Fixed Lighting when Escaping Safe Place, Fixed Riley getting Stuck in Tent, Fixed Baren/exit hitbox

If your a Content Creator making a video on this game please give credits with the name "Piggy Dreams Team"

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