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🔥 Welcome to Mega World! This is a hangout game for fans of The Meg and Mo Show.

Mega World is still in beta, so please let us know if you encounter any bugs!
Remember to leave a like! :)

💥 Lots of new features and mini games will be added really soon!

Left click (PC), tap (mobile), right trigger (controller) to interact with NPC’s.
Press R (PC) or tap button (mobile) to activate Ragdoll mode. Controller being added soon.

⚠️ All music is licensed by Epidemic Sounds, but can be disabled in the settings menu in-game.

Building and Scripting by MegaSquadMo, IncredibleTeamAidan and DrDarkMatter

NPC Audio by D3XT3R_PLAYZ, Red_Ninja4real, MrJellyBeanTV and IncredibleTeamAidan

The Meg and Mo show, Mega Squad, Mega World

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