Its a work in progress still, going strong for 2 years straight.
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That park id say is about 55% done as I have alot to do still, lots of details need to be strewn around, and large portions of rides and areas to be built and themed properly. I can't give an estimated date or time when I will finish this, just wait for it, it will be worth it(I hope)

There are currently 5(of 7-9 planned) rides at the park currently:
Palomea, large goinivala invert that dominates the park.

Sokobajia, blue Custom Akali Coaster by Palomeas first drop, fast paced and fun!

Fenrir, this Custom Intamin Megalite Dark ride is in heavy WIP, more info soon.

Project Zephyr, Reaches speeds of 110mph, iconic overbank

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