Club Farm [BETA] is a tycoon game where you need to build up your farms, creating produce to sell in your shop!

🚜NEW Farms!🚜
🔥 Demon Portal (Legendary)
🍓Strawberry Farm (Rare)
🗑️Blueberry Farm (Rare)
🧅Onion Farm (Common)

🌟Farmers are here! Build your farms and get workers, they'll keep your supermarket shelf equipped with all the products from your farms. See them work the land and restock the supermarket.
🚜 Build your farming empire and conquer the supermarket.
💰 Sell your products in the supermarket
🐮 Select the right farms to help your products become cost efficient!
👩‍🌾 Visit your friends farms to see what they produce! Will they have a pizza farm???
We are open to any feedback, on social media! Have fun.

Disclaimer: this experience may include paid advertisements that are labeled as "Paid Ads" and use assets from Advert Uploader.


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