A tower defense genre game about cows! Place cows to defend against the enemies and win! Earn coins and EXP from winning to buy new towers and unlock new areas! Win events or special maps to receive special towers as well!

🤖 Robotic Chaos Update! 💥

- Medium Mode Released
- Revamped GUI
- New lobby
- New shop tower (Grenadier)
- Harder survival maps give more rewards
- Hotkeys for tower placement, upgrading, and selling
- 2 new survival maps (Candy Valley, Mineshaft) along with Simulation remake
- Boss health bars
- New sandbox features (no more placement limits, sell all button)
- Challenge rewards rebalanced
- Hover UI for checking peoples towers and statistics in lobby

Tower Reworks/Buffs:
- Dealer
- Obliterator
- Gingerbread
- Pumpkin Gunner
- Minigunner
- Knifer
- Defender
- Blood Blaster
- Cake
- Knifer
- Defender
- Lumberjack
- Leader

Tower Nerfs:
- Sniper
- Jungle Slasher
- Swordsman (Swordster)

Tags: Tower Defense, Cows, Defense


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