This game is no longer receiving updates in favor of my other games Trenches at home and Naval warfare at home. Check them out from my profile!

Do you have what it takes to be victorious in this open-world Napoleonic Wars battle sandbox?

💸 Roblox premium members can use all gamepasses for free!
⚔️ Over 10 classes and 18 nations to fight with!
🌏 Explore and conqueror a 3000 x 4800 stud map!
🚩 March to battle with your custom nation flags!
😒 Don't let your morale drop or you will be worthless in combat!
🔒 Host battles in your private server with our ticket system and 100+ customization options!

⚖️ Game Rules:

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🔨 Credits: 
@GamerOkami - Programmer, Builder
@ChaoticOkami - Builder, Animator

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