Legacy Outpost Dawn III | Made in 2016 by Imperis and scripted by former Admiral EmeraldSlash. 

We are not in hibernation anymore, but we prefer to defend (the much newer) Eclipse I.

- IF/A wins if the raiders don’t open gate in the first 20 minutes of the raid. 

- Raids last 45 minutes. OT after 45 minutes if raiders have 600+ seconds on term. If we recap to 600 seconds, we win.


A frontier outpost standing on the edges of the Twenty Worlds’ sphere of influence in the distant Redarmturn system dedicated to the study of the former Bladerian Empire. Unfortunately, bandit attacks from the planet’s local inhabitants are frequent, and the weary defenders of Dawn III must hold their ground in the name of their home World, Corinth. 


Raiding window: Friday nights and weekends 4 to 10 EST. 

Raiders to defenders limit:
6 to 5
7 to 7
8 to 8

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This game does not support VIP Servers.


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