Welcome to Become a Genius! Aim to be the biggest genius in the multiverse by reading books, discovering different worlds, unlocking new mental powers, and fighting against deadly enemies.

🌋The 'Planetary Core' World is here 🌋
🔥 Explore the new world, covered in a deadly magma. Liberate the world from its enemies, and unlock its secrets!

🧠 Become smarter than everyone else
⚡ Unlock awesome powers
🌎 Travel to different worlds
🐾 Discover dozens of pets
👊 Defeat enemies terrorizing other worlds

🏆 Premium Roblox users get 2,500 bonus IQ and 15 minutes of 2x damage 🏆

🛡️ Group Members get 5,000 bonus IQ and 30 minutes of 2x luck and damage, along with access to an exclusive daily chest 🛡️

💠 This game is in beta. If you find any bugs or glitches, please send a message to one of the developers ( 💠


There are currently no running experiences.