Welcome to Trench Warfare, an action packed game taking place in World War I.

- 💥Fight in the Great War, one of the bloodiest wars in history!
- 🛡️ Engage in massive battles of attrition and bravery!
- 💂‍♂️ Unlock new classes and new ways to play!
- 💪 Play with friends and become the deadliest team in the trenches!
- ⚔️ Push across no man's land to victory!

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Expect updates in the future; new nations, new weapons, new maps, and more.

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- PC controls: C - crouch, R - reload, V - melee, Shift - sprint, Ctrl - shiftlock. Mobile controls: Buttons appear when equipping tools
- Spawn points (SP) don't save, but you gain them by just being in the game
- You may need to rejoin for game passes to take effect


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